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Located in Tartu Estonia, Foresteel is an manufacturing company with focus on developing and offering easy to use and reliable equipment for grounds management tasks. We are producers of multifunctional tipping trailers, leaf cleanup trailers, mobile watering and mobile pressure washing equipment.

Our mission is to offer time saving task specific tools for grounds maintenance tasks with high value for money.

Today, our products are saving our customers hours of their valuable time worldwide. Our Leaf Trailers are compact and an efficient way for cleaning yards and park areas of leaves and debris.

With constant product development we aim to surpass the needs of our customers and always supplement our product series' with wide selection of accessories to allow our product users to make their investments more multifunctional and profitable.

Our vision is to be Europe's leading supplier of trailers and leaf trailers, mobile watering and pressure washing equipment for grounds management sector customers.

Today, we are operating in 16 countries -- most of them across Europe, and also in the USA and Canada. 90% of our production is exported.

We are members of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI).


Design and Production

Foresteel offers proven solutions for municipalities, greencare contractors, horticulture and greencare enthusiasts, park maintenance companies, property managers and hobby users around the world. Our designed leaf vacuum solutions help clear leaves during autumn and spring season, clean turf areas of mowed grass and debris and make park and greens maintenance simpler and easier than ever before.

Our whole product range is designed to be easily transportable and simple to use. At Foresteel, we follow our own "back-to-the-roots" design principles when researching, developing and testing our products. By that we eliminate features that are often present on competitors' products, but often add little to the use of the product but almost always lower ease of use and reliability of it. Our design approach has allowed us to develop very easy to use, reliable and highly efficient product solutions that are highly valued by our many customers.

At Foresteel up-to-date technologies are used to design, develop and produce the product series. In design latest CAD software is being used to best optimize our products strength and parameters. We use high precision production technologies like laser cutting and CNC bending to offer premium quality products to our customers. To supplement our high quality standards and add reliability, only carefully selected components are used in production. All our products meet the requirements of ISO certification and the EU Machinery Directive. Our user manuals and documentation is simple and easy to work with and are made to be intuitively read by any user.

We work every day to uphold our brand’s core values: Integrity, quality, commitment and innovation are ideals we work toward. Our production is based on over 3400 m2 of production area which enables us to rapidly grow our production volume while actively expanding to different countries. Based on the trust of our customers we're constantly developing and innovating to offer even better product range.



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