Lightweight hydraulic tipping trailer with 600 kg loading capacity for lawn tractors, electric vehicles, loaders, golf and park machinery

  • When looking for a light and universal supplement for your machinery, the FT-600 has a lot to offer. The lightweight hydraulic tipping trailer with platform-type body is designed for small machinery like bigger lawn tractors, electric vehicles, golf and park machinery, ATV’s and UTV’s.
  • * Optional electro-hydraulic or manual handpump tipping option adds integrated hydraulic system and enables tipping without external hydraulic input.



Technical data

NET weight, kg
Loading capacity, kg
Volume/-with extensions, m3
Inside dimensions LxBxH, m
2,0 x 1,0 x 0,3
Platform dimensions LxB, m
2,065 x 1,11
Loading height, m
Tipping angle rear, degrees
Wheel size, inch

Why FT-600?

  • Premium quality design and finish
  • Powerful hydraulic tipping
  • Optional electro-hydraulic tipping
  • Optional handpump tipping
  • Lightweight - Easier to handle and tow
  • Full platform body
  • High quality components - Longer lifetime, better results
  • Greencare tires (-grass damage; +puncture resistance)
  • Adjustable height drawbar







Standard equipment

Hydraulic tipping

Wide tires

D50 ball coupling

Adjustable height coupling

Platform body

All panels openable & removeable

Parking Jack with wheel

Led lights & reflectors

Wheel chocks







Optional equipment

Towing eyelet

For tractor type connection

NET Extensions 70 cm

Increase loading volume

Electro-hydraulic tipping

Integrated tipping system with remote - no external hydraulics needed

Manual handpump tipping

Integrated manual hydraulic pump for tipping - no external hydraulics needed



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