FT-HD7 - Redesigning what a stonepicker can do
Not your standard stonepicker. FT-HD7 excels where others stumble.



FT-HD7 Stonepicker - Definetly not a conventional stonepicker

  • FT-HD7 has above-average construction strength and is specially designed to handle heavy underground stones, stumps and other surfacing objects.
  • Opposite to standard stoneforks which achieve construction strength through tightly arranged tine layout (spacing 25-100 mm), FT-HD7's tine spacing is 235 mm.
  • Relatively wide tine spacing provides significant reduction in soil resistance resulting in simplified surfacing of heavy stones, stumps and and other objects.
  • In addition to high frame strength, useage of high strength steels and relatively low self weight, FT-HD7 featrures 7 high strength removable stone tines.
  • Due to it’s universatility, MKR-HD7 offers a variety of uses.
  • Removable tines offer the possibility to create a lifting device with necessary spacing. Stonepicker can be perfectly used for handling branches, stumps, hay and silo bales, standard size pallets and etc.





Does it fit my needs?

Working width, mm:
Working length (effective length), mm
Working height, mm
Tine spacing, mm
Total length (excl EURO connection), mm
Total width, mm
Weight, kg
Number of tines*, pcs
* All tines removable; Stonepicker in equipped with EURO 8 loader connections

Where's the difference?

  • High construction strength with high strength steels
  • Wide tine spacing - 23,5 cm(average 10 cm)
  • Reduced soil resistance - easy digging
  • High strength removable tines - have the spacing you need
  • Handle hay, silo, branches, logs, stones with the same workpiece
  • Tine spacing allows handling of EURO pallets







What can You do with it? Use it as you need it


Handling big stones has never been easier.


Digging out a stump takes only a minute. And with wide tine spacing you don't dig out excessive amout of soil either.


The weight doesn't matter. As long as your loader can handle it. Removing side tines allows over-length handling

Forest residue

You don't even have to remove the side tines to handle branches and forest residues.


It's easy to pick up and handle logs and other overlength materials.


You can handle all kinds of goods on pallets. The tine spacing fits EURO sized pallets.

Go for it

When your plough felt something. There probably is something. Dig it out. We can't see why you couldn't.





Add even more possibilites

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