Foresteel Leaf Vacuum units
Powerful gasoline powered leaf vacuums



Collect leaves and debris with powerful suction units

  • All Foresteel trailers are equippable with our leaf vacuums and are often used in combination with tractor mowing deck or underframe suction unit. For collecting leaves and mowed grass, cleaning turf and event areas of debris, wood chippings or similar materials. A proven solution for municipalities, greencare contractors, horticulture and greencare enthusiasts and park maintenance companies. Our leaf vacuums units have great suction power and well designed construction with replaceable wear plates and suction rotor for longer lifetime.

  • Foresteel leaf vacuum lineup consists of 3 models: MINIvac, MIDvac and PROvac.

  • * MINIvac is an entry level leaf vacuum with 6 HP B&S engine. It is a good fit for working in mowing deck connection and with rather good weather conditions.
  • * MIDvac is a powerful midrange leaf vacuum with 13 HP B&S engine. Best midrange unit for decent working conditions. It is the best pick for greencare enthousiasts and contractors.
  • * PROvac ia a leaf vacuum with 18 HP B&S engine and electric start. Best fit for high demand tasks and rough conditions. It is the main choice of professional users and contractors.

  • Leaves collection and seasonal cleaning has never been so easy.





Technical data

Turbine size D, mm 360 450 450
Engine brand B&S B&S B&S
Engine power 6 HP 13 HP 18 HP
Capacity, m3/min 70 90 90
Weight, kg 50 93 97
Leaf shredder blades YES YES YES
Hose diameter, mm 180 200 200
Hose length, m 3,5 5 5
Wheel suction handle Optional YES YES

Proven solution for the job

  • High suction power with optimized turbine system
  • Optimal turbine-engine compatibility
  • Shredder blades increase working capacity 4 times
  • Quicker composting of shredded leaves
  • Light wheel suction handle - easy to work with
  • Mowing deck connection possibility
  • Different suction units available for FT-Trailers
  • 360 degrees rotatable output chute
  • Efficient engines with worldwide warranty



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