Foresteel Underframe suction unit



Minimize manual work and increase your productivity

  • Simple and genuine collection unit for Foresteel trailer series to minimize manual labour and collect leaves and debris efficiently in good to moderately damp conditions. Foresteel vacuum solutions are a great fit for municipalities, greencare contractors, private companies, horticulture and greencare professionals, park maintenance companies and all greencare enthusiasts who love making their tasks efficient and enjoyable.

  • Suction unit's are available for every FT-trailer model. The best leaf vacuum fit for underframe unit is MIDvac and PROvac.





Technical data

FT-MODEL 600 1000/1300/2200
Working width, mm 1100 1350
Best fit MIDvac & PROvac MIDvac & PROvac
Weight, kg 20 25
Hose connection Quick-connect Quick-connect
Working height Adjustable Adjustable
Parallelism Angle adjustable Angle adjustable
Inlet curtain Adjustable Adjustable

Solutions to save time and minimize costs

  • No mowing deck machine needed
  • Minimal exhausting manual labour
  • Use any towing vehicle
  • Land copying design
  • Quick-connect for fast handle unit use
  • Easy fix for transport position
  • Available for FT-trailer series only



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