Convert your forestry trailer into a tipping trailer.

  • Foresteel tipping body (FTB) is the original solution (patented design) for converting your 4-12 ton forestry trailer into a dumper trailer in less than 30 minutes. It is designed to add value to forestry trailers that often idle during the off-season but could be used as a dumper trailer instead. The U-shaped tipping body can be added to almost any center-beam forestry trailer.

  • Convert your forestry (timber/lumber/logging) trailer into a tipping trailer. Our original design consists of 2 main modules, underframe and tipping box module, making it light for almost any cranes to lift it on the trailer.

  • Here's a quick rundown how to do it:
  • 1. Remove the forestry-posts
  • 2. Simply lift the underframe module onto trailer frame with crane
  • 3. Secure and fasten the underframe module
  • 4. Use crane to lift on the tipping box module and simply lower it onto the underframe. It self-positions onto the frame.
  • 5. Easily fix the tipping box module onto the underframe with our quick-fix locking system.
  • 6. Use your crane equipped forestry trailer as a multifunctional tipping trailer!
  • Patent pending: U201300077

  • Contact us and check availability for your trailer model. Confirmed suitability for forestry trailer brands: Farma, Palms, Country (fits most center-beam trailers). Check availability for your trailer model



Can I add it to my forestry trailer? Send us your trailer brand and model and we'll let you know!

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Technical data

Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm
Tipper volume, m3
Weight, kg
Bottom thickness, mm
Tipping angle, degrees
Working pressure, bar

Confirmed trailer suitability

Trailer brand
Trailer model
8S, 9S
T9, T10
Can fit on other center beam trailers like BMF, COUNTRY etc.

Why invest in a Tipping Body?

  • Easily transform your forestry trailer into a tipping trailer
  • Quick and simple assembly with trailer crane
  • Use tipping body to transport rocks, soil, woodchips, sand, branches, stumps
  • Gather stones from fields; Clean construction sites; Use at landscaping jobs
  • Super easy dumping thanks to dumper body profile and high tipping angle
  • Work smarter, not harder. By making a product you already own more multifunctional
  • Full season use for a forestry trailer plus wide range of usage scenarios
  • Result: A highly multifunctional trailer combination with hydraulic crane for a wide range of tasks.



Increase the usability of your forestry trailer with Foresteel Tipping Body!
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