ForeSTeel FT-570 soil preparator makes reforestation easy for everybody.



FT-570 - innovative forestry crane device for every forest owner

  • The new innovative soil preparator RF-570 allows every forest owner to perform soil preparation for planting seedlings easily and efficiently. The device is especially suitable for forest owners who perform small-scale clear-cuttings, which the soil preparation service providers are usually not interested in. The device is mostly operated as an auxiliary device of timber trailer’s loader. The attaching process takes about 15 minutes: the loader grapples are disconnected from the loader’s rotator and the soil preparator RF-570 is attached.

    The device operates using the rotational force of the rotator and all of the 9 preparator blades rotate on their trajectories, which crushes the grass roots. The work process results in planting area with optimal diameter and a hole in the centre, which is used for planting the seedling. The 57 cm (~22 inches) diameter of the plating area is sufficient for the grass not to suffocate and overshadow the planted seedling.

    The soil preparator RF-570 is designed for forest owners who do not need large industrial soil preparation equipment as these are usually very rough and heavy. By performing soil preparation for forest seedlings using the Soil preparator RF-570 you facilitate the reforestation of logging areas and increase the growing speed of seedlings!





Dimensions that matter

Rotator effective diameter, cm/inch
Installation rotator dimension, mm
NET Weight, kg/lbs
Blades, pcs
Adjustable depth positions
Installation time, min:

Why it's for me?

  • Perform soil preparation and reforestation yourself
  • Optimal planting area - 57 cm
  • Easy installation and maintenance - takes only 15 min
  • Blades made from Hardox
  • Each blade on it's own trajectory - maximum effective area
  • Choose your time and weather



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