XCTR SP-700 - Excavator soil preparation tool with additional extras
Soil preparator with excavator quick connection for working in even extreme soil conditions.



XCTR SP-700 Soil preparator for planting – easy and effective to use.

  • ForeSTeel XCTR SP-700 mounder is an excavator device designed for reforestation of clearfelling areas. An effective in uses on all types of soils. Extremely effective on wet forest soils. This method performs in areas where other wheel machines can't go or have difficulties in soil preparation process and outperforms where others might do well aswell.
  • Mounds prepared by the mounder plate which returns the humus layer and makes a fertile spot for new seedlings gives an advantage to plants and keeps them from flooding and excessive humiduty thus well increasing plating efficiency. The ability for the machine operator to plan and choose each planting location easily makes work even more effective.

  • + Optional channel plow that connects to underside of the mounder and is easily removable, gives machinist a possibility to drain overflooded and waterlogged areas with drainages easily made with XCTR SP-700.
  • + Optional planting spot counter gives an overview of plant volumes nesseccary. This helps reduce seedlings waste and increases working efficiency.





Does it fit my needs?

Mounder width, mm:
Mounder plate length, mm
Mounder connection to excavator
Base plate max dimensions, mm
1500 x 230
Workign surface material
Hardox wear plate
Working pressure, bar
upto 200
Hydraulic connections
Which machinery
Any with NPT-10

Why it's better

  • Easy and effective in uses
  • Effective in extreme and wet conditions
  • Easy for operator to plan and pick planting spots
  • Makes higher planting spot - protects from flooding
  • NPT-10/S1/B20 connection - easy to (un)mount
  • Fits most machinery
  • Optional channel/drain plow - drain overflooded areas



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